Regular Cleaning
Keeping your Rouse Phillips rug clean will ensure it a long and vibrant life. Depending on the amount of foot traffic, it is recommended that you hire a professional to deep clean your carpets every one to three years. Especially in the case of handmade rugs, we highly recommend having a professional rug cleaning service clean your rugs in order to ensure expert care. Make sure that they specialise in handmade rugs, not broadloom, as the harsh chemicals used to treat broadloom rugs can be detrimental to and too powerful for your handmade carpet.

Between these professional cleanings, you may vacuum and treat small spots or stains as needed. Stains are most easily removed when the spot is still wet, so be sure to act quickly. (For step-by-step instructions on how to treat stains, please see below.) In addition, it is recommended that you vacuum your rug regularly in order to remove any dirt that has been ground into the rug from normal foot traffic. Slowly and deliberately run the vacuum over your rug, as this will allow the vacuum to remove both loose and embedded soil from the rug.

Stain Removal
Most common stains can be cleaned with the simple steps below:

1. Dilute the stain with plenty of water and subsequently blot up as much of the spill or stain as possible with a paper towel or white cloth. Do not use a coloured washcloth, as the dye may rub off on your rug. Do not rub the spill or stain into the rug.

2. Apply a light detergent or mild soap onto the stain, working your way from the edge of the stain to the centre. You may also use hair shampoo very sparingly. It may be necessary to rinse and then reapply the soap in order to completely remove the stain. Do not soak the rug with soap. This may discolour the rug if left on for an extended period of time.

3. Pat (do not rub) the rug to remove excess water or soap. Dry the area thoroughly with a fan or a cool temperature hair dryer. Make sure that both the back and front of the rug are completely dry.

4. Gently brush the rug with a cloth brush to restore the fibres back to their normal shape, if needed. The fibres may be a bit stiff after they dry, so the brush or even a vacuum will make them soft and pliable again.

Again, we cannot stress enough the benefits of enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service. If you see any damage or discolouration resulting from your own cleaning efforts, stop immediately and seek expert care.

Scotch Guarding Rugs
Can my rug be scotch-guarded?

Scotch-guarding is not recommended for our rugs . The scotch guarding treatment was designed for synthetic fibres, and it removes stains from rugs composed of synthetic fibres very well. Wool has lanolin which is a natural type of prevention against staining. In most cases, a spill addressed immediately will not cause any permanent problems. It is only when liquid has time to sit and soak that more permanent damage can occur. In our experience, rugs that have been stain resistance treated have a dull appearance, and if any spill has time to soak through the treatment and form a stain underneath, the treatment then becomes a barrier to any removal attempts and needs to be stripped off before any work can be done to try and remove these.