Rouse Phillips have developed a range of hand knotted rugs made in Nepal using the highest quality yarns and dyes. The rugs are completely hand knotted within a family run business that employs local artisans who use techniques that date back centuries. We are very proud of this addition to our product range. The designs are truly original and every step of the process is completed to the highest of standards.

Each rug that is made supports a family who is committed to social responsibility within their local community and adhere to strict anti child labor laws. The company supports  various rural development projects, education sponsorships, welfare programs for employees and cultural heritage preservation programs. They have the experience and facilities to teach local community members all skills involved in rug making. 

The Rouse Phillips collection consists of 6 designs made from the finest wool and silk. Each rug is made to order and due to the bespoke nature of each piece, they can take up to 12 weeks to complete depending on the season. This takes into consideration the dying of all yarns by hand, the weaving process, the hand finishing and washing of the rug.

Rouse Phillips uses sustainable processes and resources in order to ensure both high quality and environmentally-friendly carpets.  We use non-metallic dyes, which reduce the water pollution created when rugs are rinsed, and give a beautiful, natural sheen.  We use natural fibers in all of our rugs, such as jute, silk and wool. We pride ourselves in using innovative combinations of these materials to achieve rich textures and hues that showcase the beauty of an eco-friendly carpet. Please click here to learn more about the different weaves that our rugs are made up of.

We encourage our clients to select a carpet from any of our collections to be transformed into a sustainable product tailored to their needs.  All of our rugs are made using non-metallic dyes and all materials can be substituted for that of our clients choice.  We invite you to call or visit our showroom for information on creating your own environmentally-sustainable carpet.