Rugs | Kilim

Kilims are a beautiful floor covering alternative to a traditional wool and silk floor rug. The meaning of the word kilim in Persian means to 'spread roughly' and the weaving technique used gives a gorgeous organic, handmade and earthy feel. Our kilims have a flat surface unlike our hand knotted rugs which have a pile. Kilims are woven in such a way that designs are predominantly geometric and have a sharp edge. They are a perfect entry point for a rug collector as they are affordable, durable and suit many interiors from traditional to modern.

All of  our kilims are entirely handmade in Jaipur, India by a group of rug weavers dedicated to keeping traditional artisan practices alive and thriving for the community.  The kilims are woven on traditional looms using hand spun sheep wool and jute and coloured using natural dyes. The wool used is a high quality sheeps wool that is shorn, carded and spun by hand. After dying these yarns the rug is worked on for up to six weeks. Once off the loom it is washed and dried in the heat of the Jaipur sun. Every rug that is woven is one-of-a-kind and beautifully reflects the particular hand or technique of the weaver. 

Rouse Phillips strongly believes in the importance of ethical made and fairly traded products. We deeply respect the skills of the artisans we work with well as their well being.  Supporting the community since the 1980's, our weaver is a member of Social Accountability International which continues to fight for social accountability in the workplace fighting against child labor within the carpet industry of India, forced labor, the support of health and safety, fair working hours and compensation. By paying a fair price for our rugs ensures that the weavers are paid the proper wage that they are entitled to. It also ensures that this ancient technique is not lost as it shows a younger generation that weaving is a respectable and profitable trade.